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Ready to transform your property into a serene sanctuary or paradise in Sylmar, CA? Whether you’re a commercial or residential property owner, you can now make that a reality, as Expert Fountain Pond & Pool is a ponds contractor to do it. As a service provider in 1978, you can watch your property turn into a sanctuary anytime, with the best materials, given our experience. If you feel like the hardscaping and landscaping on your lawn isn’t enough to bring its potential and boost your property further, then add water features like waterfalls, ponds, or a water garden. Whether you want a Zen garden design or a more modern or tropical one, just let our team know, so we can best start on your property immediately.

The Services We Offer:

Fountain Repair Service

Fountain Repair Service
Fountain repair service refers to the professional assistance provided to diagnose and fix issues with fountains. These services consist of maintaining the fountain's proper operation and visual appeal as well as fixing leaks, faulty pumps, and broken components. We'll bring back your fountain to its fully-functional capacity.

Pond Repair Service

Pond Repair Service
Pond repair services include the knowledge and abilities needed to identify and address pond-related issues. These services include fixing leaks, taking care of problems with the water's purity, mending broken liners, and preserving the ecosystem's general well-being. So, if you already have a pond there and you feel or know something's off with it, call us to diagnose it properly.

Water Feature Installation

Water Feature Installation
Water feature installation services comprise the design and installation of various water features such as fountains, waterfalls, and streams. These services entail the choice of suitable materials, careful positioning and placement of the water features, and the incorporation of pumps and filtration systems to produce water features that are aesthetically pleasing. Whether a pond fountain installation or another feature, we offer it.

Pool Repair Service

Pool Repair Service
The term "pool repair service" describes the expert assistance given to identify and fix problems with swimming pools. Among the services offered by our company are leak repairs, pool surface repairs, filtration system restoration, and pool safety and functionality checks. We will clean your pool and ensure that it's safe for everyone to enjoy.

Artificial Rock Installation

Artificial Rock Installation
The production and placement of lifelike-appearing artificial rocks in various landscaping projects are covered by artificial rock installation services. These services can be utilized to build waterfalls, aesthetic components, or rock formations that mimic natural ones in ponds, gardens, or other outdoor areas.

Water Garden Installation

Water Garden Installation
The design and installation of both visually beautiful and practical water gardens are included in water garden installation services. These services include the selection and placement of aquatic plants, the installation of liners, the design of water circulation systems, and the general construction of calm and aesthetically pleasing water garden areas.

Waterfall Installation

Waterfall Installation
The design and installation of cascading water features, which improve the aesthetically pleasing quality of outdoor environments, are included in waterfall installation services. These services include choosing appropriate materials, placing pebbles and boulders with care, and incorporating filtration and pump systems to create waterfalls that are both aesthetically pleasing and peaceful.

Bring a Tropical or Zen-Themed Oasis to Your Property

If you want your home’s aesthetic and even market value boosted, call us. We’ll add this water feature to increase the market value of your home further. Moreover, if you want to leave your neighbors’ or any competition’s jaws hanging, let them keep it that wide when you add a water feature.

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Areas Served:

  • Encino, CA
  • East San Gabriel, CA
  • San Marino, CA
  • Commerce, CA
  • Sierra Madre, CA

Ready to transform your property in Sylmar, CA? Then what are you waiting for? Call us at Expert Fountain Pond & Pool, your seasoned ponds contractor!

Client Testimonials

Jul 11, 2023
Quick on Their Feet

Water hasn't been going out of my fountain since a couple weeks ago. I knew I needed it fixed but I just couldn't find a reliable company to get it done. That's why when I finally found this team last Thursday, I immediately got booked for Friday. Thank you so much for your fountain repair service, that it's finally functioning like normal!

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