More About Our Pond Repair Service

If you’re nowhere near a tropical paradise, then bring that paradise into your own property. Whether you’re a business owner or homeowner in Sylmar, CA, when people see water cascading on your lawn through a wonderful water feature arranged by a trusted ponds contractor, or your pond finally filled with more life, this will certainly leave their jaws hanging. And if you want your property to elevate its curb appeal or simply a pond repair service for your broken water feature, allow Expert Fountain Pond & Pool to do it.

Pond Repair Service

Pond Repair Service

Why Choose Us?

We are a seasoned ponds contractor that has been serving clients since 1978 with over 30 years of experience in the industry. If you want to feel guaranteed that your water feature will be done correctly, then we are one of your best choices. Whether it is a fountain, pond, or any water feature, our team knows how to do it. And as proof of our ability and expertise, we have our certification and are bonded and insured to provide our services.

Are you prepared to book our pond repair services at Expert Fountain Pond & Pool? We serve in Sylmar, CA and other areas as mentioned on our homepage. If you have more questions about us, you may visit our FAQs page, and if you can’t find any of your questions there, call us at (747) 271-4426.

Services List

  • Fountain Repair
  • Pond Repair
  • Water Feature Installation
  • Pool Repair
  • Artificial Rock
  • Water Gardens Installaion
  • Water Falls Installation
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