Keeping Your Water Feature Flowing

Fountains add beauty and tranquility to any outdoor space, but like any water feature, they may require occasional repairs to ensure they continue functioning smoothly. If your fountain is showing signs of wear or malfunction, here are three quick tips from a fountain repair service to help you address common issues and keep your water feature flowing.

Check and Clean the Pump Regularly

The pump is the heart of your fountain, responsible for circulating water and creating the soothing sound of flowing water. Over time, debris such as leaves, algae, and mineral deposits can accumulate and clog the pump, reducing its efficiency or causing it to stop altogether. Regularly check the pump for any signs of blockage or buildup and clean it as needed. Disconnect the pump from the power source and remove it from the fountain basin. Disassemble the pump according to the manufacturer’s instructions and use a soft brush or toothbrush to gently scrub away any debris.

Inspect and Repair Leaks

Leaks are a common issue in fountain maintenance and can result from cracks or damage to the fountain basin or plumbing components. If you notice water pooling around the base of the fountain or a significant decrease in water level, inspect the fountain carefully for signs of leaks. Use a flashlight to examine the basin and plumbing connections for cracks, holes, or loose fittings. Repair minor leaks with a waterproof sealant or epoxy putty, following the manufacturer’s instructions. For larger leaks or structural damage, consult a professional fountain repair technician who can assess the extent of the damage and recommend appropriate repairs.

Maintain Water Quality

Maintaining water quality is essential for the health of your fountain and its inhabitants. Algae growth, mineral deposits, and organic matter can accumulate over time and affect water clarity and pump performance. To prevent these issues, regularly treat the water with an algaecide or fountain cleaner to inhibit algae growth and prevent buildup. Use a fountain cover or netting to prevent leaves and debris from falling into the water, especially during the fall months.

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